Minecraft 1.19 Lets Play Series

Welcome to my Minecraft 1.19 Lets Play series, with a twist, you get to see inside my head while we play.

What is a Minecraft 1.19 Lets Play?

A Lets play is a Youtube series that plays through Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update and explores the new world and everything you can do in it.

In my new Lets play series we will be going through all the new stuff added, especially the Warden, gettings Allays and Sculk sensors!

As well as all that we will be checking out the original stuff like the Ender Dragon, The Wither, The Nether etc. To make for an awesome series in Minecraft 1.19!

What’s new in the Minecraft: The Wild Update?

In Minecraft 1.19 there is a lot of updates to the game. This may not be a comprehensive list, however here is some of the main ones:

  • Sculk Shriekers
  • Ancient Cities
  • Sculk Catalysts
  • Sculk Sensor
  • Mangrove Swamp Biome
  • Boat with a Chest
  • Deep dark Biome
  • Mangrove trees and all the wood to match!
  • Sculk blocks
  • Mud block
  • The Allay!
  • The WARDEN!

There is so much going on in this version of Minecraft, and my Minecraft 1.19 Lets Play does not disappoint, even from episode 1! Definitely check it out for more!

What’s going on in this Minecraft 1.19 Lets Play?

This is a slightly different version of Lets Play. In the first episode you’ll meet the Sassheads! And see how they impact the game!

We’ll explore Mangrove Swamps, Get Allays, build stuff with Mud bricks, and more! Fighting the Warden in Ancient cities. Minecraft 1.19 Lets Play series offer amazing content with all the new things going on in this update.

Is Dave in this Minecraft 1.19 Lets Play?

Dave is usually around in most of my series! However, he might not be in my Minecraft 1.19 Lets play too much. That is mainly because we have the Sassheads! Sassheads are the little people inside Sassy’s head that make the decisions on what we do next!

The series will largely focus on the Sassheads and Minecraft 1.19 content.

How can I watch this series?

This whole series can be found on my Youtube channel. You can watch them via the Redstone Cave as well! If you do head over to my Youtube channel, don’t forget to subscribe!

Do you play this on twitch?

I don’t currently play this on twitch, but I do have twitch! You can check me out by searching Sassyfishplays.

My twitch channel mostly features SMP content, and other games that I feel like playing!

The Warden

The Warden is a new Mini boss for Minecraft 1.19. And you can be sure that we will be taking a closer look at him during my Minecraft 1.19 Lets Play.

The Warden is essentially blind, and basically locates you via sound. So moving can alert him to your presence, or even your location. (Definitely don’t throw snowballs at him, he doesn’t like that)

Crouching is a good way to avoid him. The easiest way to fight him is probably with 4 iron golems. They’ll take him down!

minecraft 1.19 lets play

Sculk sensors & Sculk tech

Sculk redstone tech is basically the sound detection redstone that we have all been looking for. Sculk tech has been added in Minecraft 1.19 and will allow you to power redstone circuits using a sound sensor (Sculk sensor)

These are really cool, and I imagine their primary use will be on SMP’s etc. Although you could make an awesome minefield using them! (That might be a good idea for a video…)


Our little blue friends might look like a Vex, but they are much nicer! In my Minecraft 1.19 Lets play series I intend one of the early things I do to be finding one of these little guys!

Allays will pick things up that you want them to, and bring them to you. You could think of them like a hopper minecart that’s cute and has wings. You right click them with an item and they will then search for that item and give it to you. They won’t go too far away though.

minecraft 1.19 lets play

I really hope you enjoy my Minecraft 1.19 Lets play series! Let me know in the comments of the video what you think of it.