All of our Minecraft Redstone Tutorials in one simple place!

How to Break Bedrock using Minecraft Redstone

One of our MOST POPULAR guides yet. This guide shows you how to break Bedrock in Minecraft Java edition.

Minecraft Bubble Elevators

Minecraft Bubble elevators are cool. But a Minecraft Redstone Bubble elevator is even cooler! Check out these designs for improving your Minecraft Redstone Bubble elevators.

Minecraft Redstone TNT Cannon Tutorial

Showing off a bunch of different Minecraft Redstone TNT Cannon tutorials. Including some really cool ones that are quite small.


TNT Cannons are really fun, and these ones can be quite compact as well.

Minecraft Redstone Combination Lock

Minecraft Redstone Combination Locks are just cool! Really really cool! Check these ones out today!!

Minecraft Redstone Double Piston Extenders

Minecraft Redstone Double Piston Extenders come in handy all the time. In this tutorial we show you how to make awesome and simple Double Piston Extenders

Minecraft Redstone Clock

This is a simple guide to make a Redstone Clock. This is using Hoppers and is incredibly easy to insert into your redstone designs.

Minecraft Redstone Hidden Crafting Table

Check out our simple guide on how to make a hidden Crafting table, or a hidden anything for that matter!

Minecraft Redstone Monostable Guide

What the heck is a Minecraft redstone Monostable? And more importantly, what does it do! We break it down in this video for you!