The Ultimate Let's Play - Better Minecraft 1.19 Modpack

The definitive guide to the Better Minecraft 1.19 Fabric Edition.

better minecraft fabric

Better Minecraft 1.19 Fabric Edition Lets Play

Welcome to my brand new series! Better Minecraft 1.19 Lets Play. This is the Fabric edition of the modpack and it is absolutely fantastic!

With bosses, and realms, new biomes, items, furniture there is so much to offer with Better Minecraft. The latest version of the Better Minecraft modpack doesn’t disappoint! It offers fantastic gameplay and you can even include shaders!

Where can I download Better MC 1.19?#

You can download Better Minecraft from Curseforge. Or direct from the Better Minecraft website. There is also a fantastic discord server to chat about the game and even learn about the other modpacks from the creators of Better MC, Luna Pixel Studios.

How many mods are included in Better Minecraft 1.19?

Better MC 1.19 Fabric edition contains 182 fantastic mods that will completely convert your gameplay to this new fantastic version of the game. This truly is what Minecraft 2 should be like.

The mods in the Better Minecraft 1.19 modpack include Better End, Better Nether, Xaeros map mods, Charm and many many more. Including performance enhancing mods and mods to allow shaders.

Have you done other Better Minecraft series?

Yes I have! You can check out my Better Minecraft 1.18 series on my Youtube channel. My previous Better MC series was fantastic fun and you can see it all, from beating the ender dragon to visiting the Aether realm.

Is Fabric Edition or Forge edition better for Better MC?

I wouldn’t say one is better than the other. I’ve played both and they offer completely different experiences as they have completely different mods. If you have the opportunity you should definitely try and play both. Better Minecraft Forge edition certainly has it’s plus points, however, I often play Fabric versions of minecraft mod packs.

How often does Better Minecraft 1.19 get updated?

Sharkie and the team at Luna Pixel Studios update Better Minecraft constantly. They are constantly fixing bugs or adding mods to benefit the players. The team work tirelessly to keep the game current and up to date.

Who are the creators of Better MC 1.19?

I’ve mentioned a few times above, but Sharkie and the team at Luna Pixel studios created and maintain the Better Minecraft series.

And what a job they do! The modpack is flawless with everything you could ever need! But they still keep aiming for perfection with regular updates.

What is your favourite thing about Better Minecraft 1.19?

So far in my Better Minecraft 1.19 series I have loved everything from Vex spawners to Quackling! (You’ll have to watch the video to find out more about Quackling!)

I would say my favourite thing so far has to be Quackling. I have no idea what the reason behind it is, but it is a very fun addition to the game!

What allocated ram do I need for Better Minecraft 1.19?

I allocate 12GB of ram whilst playing modded minecraft. Some may find this a bit over the top for playing Minecraft, but I find it absolutely fine.

I’m not sure what the minimum is, but I would recommend at least 8GB for modded minecraft gameplay.

What other modpacks are available from Luna Pixel Studios?

Luna Pixel studios have made a bunch of modpacks. I’ve played most of them, but their most popular ones include:

  • Better Minecraft
  • Medieval Minecraft
  • Fantasy Realm
  • many more…

You should definitely check out some of the others as they all offer a completely different gameplay experience. However, Better MC is a good place to start. Offering close to Vanilla in many ways, but better.

Does this version include things from the Wild Update?

This version of the modpack includes everything from the minecraft 1.19 update, including deep dark, wardens, allays and mangrove swamps.

So get stuck in to all that Minecraft 1.19 has to offer as well as all the great minecraft 1.19 mods included in the modpack.

Can I play this on my minecraft world or minecraft server?

As this modpack is for java edition you can play this on a server too. Most popular server hosting options should be able to add Better Minecraft 1.19 for you.