The Ultimate Guide To a Sugarcane Farm

All of our Minecraft Redstone Tutorials in one simple place!

Welcome back to another Minecraft 1.18.1 redstone tutorial.

This is the simplest Sugarcane farm you can build and will be super helpful for all you wanting fireworks/libarians or just need paper.

For this design you will need:

  • hoppers
  • hopper minecart
  • powered rails
  • normal rails
  • redstone blocks
  • redstone
  • chests
  • pink wool (to look pro)
  • glass
  • sugarcane
  • dirt
  • water bucket
  • observers
  • regular pistons


The amount of each you will need, will depend on how big you want your farm to be.

This is part of my simple Minecraft redstone series for Minecraft 1.18 and Minecraft 1.18.1

In this video I am using vanilla tweaks texture pack:

My redstone series is for relatively simple designs to help beginners in the world of redstone and if you are looking for something more complicated I highly recommend checking out @Mumbo Jumbo who does amazing things with Redstone.

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