The Ultimate Guide To a Redstone Clock

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Redstone Clock Guide

I show you how to make a simple Minecraft Redstone Clock in just a few minutes!

This is a simple video on how to make a redstone clock, add a follow for more videos on simple redstone for beginners. A Redstone Clock sends a series of short pulses to an output, if you add an input from a lever (Not a torch) You can add an on/off switch to your redstone clock.

This is a hopper clock minecraft made from 2 hoppers and an item, with a comparator and a repeater coming out from one of the hoppers.

Other types of Redstone Clock?

You can make other types of Minecraft clock. A really simple one is to place 2 observers facing into each other. This is one of the fastest clocks.

You can also make a Minecraft clock using a repeater clock utitlising redstone repeaters. This is more complicated though.

What stops the clock?

The only way to stop a redstone hopper clock is to send a signal into one of the hoppers. This will make the specific clock stop. Depending on which hopper you are drawing your output from, you will either get an on or an off redstone signal output.

The simplest way is to push redstone blocks into one of the hoppers, or just a signal from a lever. pressure plate or redstone torches.

The items used in this Redstone Clock (Mostly)

2 Hoppers

1 Comparator

1 Redstone Repeater

1 Lever

Some Redstone dust

An output (Such as a piston, sticky piston, note block, fireworks, dispenser, Redstone lamp)

(Probably not TNT)

How to build:

  • Place down a hopper, then shift click another hopper so that it is facing into the first. Then break the first hopper and shift click into the second.
  • This will make the two hoppers facing into each other.
  • Then place an item (Any item) in one of the hoppers. This will then go between the two hoppers.
  • You can then place a comparator down to see the change in the hopper and draw a signal from that using a redstone repeater.
  • If you want to have an off switch, run some redstone dust into the hopper you are not drawing an output from and then add a lever. This will allow you to stop the hopper clock.
  • If you wanted to have a switch that made the output always on, just run the redstone signal from the lever into the hopper that is drawing an output.

What are Redstone Clocks used for:

We use a Redstone Clock in lots of designs. From simply wanting something to flash, for example if you want flickering lights, a redstone clock is ideal to make this happen.

We also use Redstone Clocks for more complex Farms or redstone circuits.

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