The Ultimate Guide To a 2×2 Piston Door

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How to build a 2×2 Piston Door

In this Minecraft 1.18 Redstone Tutorial I show you how to make a 2×2 Flush piston door.

This is the latest in my series of Simple Redstone Tutorials to help beginners do things with redstone.

This Minecraft Flush Piston Door can also be known as a Jeb Door.

For this you will need:

4 Repeaters (maybe 1 extra as well)

*some* Redstone

12 Sticky Pistons

1 Lever

5 Redstone Torches

Pink wool (to look pro)

Blocks of choice

Uses for a Piston Door

Your 2×2 Piston Door can have loads of uses! This includes amazing things such as:

  • Base entrance
  • Mob Farm protection
  • Secret doors to other sections of your base
  • Traps for other players

Piston Door Tutorial

2×2 Piston door is my absolute favourite thing to do in Minecraft. I love making them, I love designing them. That is why this Flush Piston door is one of my favourites to build in my worlds.

As I always like making hidden things in Minecraft this can be used to hide your base away, no one will know it’s there!!

I like to make a simple Minecraft redstone tutorial that is easy to follow and works in the latest update.

For more complicated designs and weird and wonderful things I recommend you check out  @Mumbo Jumbo  and his channel full of cool Redstone things.

Hidden Piston Door or Not?

I like to hide my Piston Door design in a wall. That’s why I do so in the video. If you don’t want to do this it is much simpler and there is another video on my channel to show you a normal fast Piston Door.

Thanks for watching!!

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