The Ultimate Let's Play - Better Minecraft Fabric Modpack

The definitive guide to the Better Minecraft Fabric Modpack.

better minecraft fabric

Is better Minecraft Fabric better?

Both versions of Better Minecraft have advantages and disadvantages. It is worth checking out both versions to see which you prefer. Or even better, play both versions separately.

Both the Forge and Fabric versions will give a different feel of the game as they offer a different experience. You could play through one and get a different experience to the other.

Is better Minecraft Forge or Fabric better?

As above. Each version of the modpack offers a different experience and we highly recommend you check them both out as they will offer a different aspect of the modpack.

However, if you wanted to add any mods you may want to bear this in mind when picking forge or fabric. You may only be able to use certain mods in one of the modpacks.

How many mods does better Minecraft Fabric have?

Each version of Better Minecraft will have over 100 mods. This isn’t one of the biggest modpacks out there, but it is certainly one of the smoothest. Offering a really flush finished product. There is very little problems with the modpack that we have been able to spot.

What version of the game is the modpack?

It is currently on version 1.18.1 of the game. However new versions are being made consantly and it won’t be long before you can get Better Minecraft 1.18.2.

The series I have played above was started in Better Minecraft 1.18, and has evolved through Better Minecraft 1.18.1 to Better Minecraft 1.18.2.

The creators of this modpack are very good at keeping it up to date. This therefore means you are usually always playing in the latest version of Minecraft.

How to get Better Minecraft Fabric edition?

It is really simple to get the modpack. Simply download Curseforge, search for Better Minecraft in the search bar and click install.

Installing Modpacks these days couldn’t be simpler. You just need to get on Curseforge and search for them. I have loads installed including Vault Hunters, both versions of Better Minecraft, and Medieval Minecraft.

What are the best parts of the Better Minecraft Modpack so far?

So far in the modpack I have really enjoyed the Animals from Alex’s mobs. As well as the dimensions.

  • Aether
  • Better End
  • Better Nether

These dimensions really transform the experience as you play through them. The End is really incredible now, and you could even stay in there long term if you wanted to. It really feels like what the End should be like in Vanilla Minecraft.

The Better Nether mod really transforms the Nether into a realm or dimension that I truly want to visit. Normally I avoid the Nether unless I need something. However, with the Better Nether mod you could spend a long time in the nether without getting bored.

Lastly the Aether, this is a whole new dimension that I plan to explore in an upcoming episode. So make sure to subscribe and ring the bell for notifications when that comes out.

Did you make Better Minecraft?

Not at all. I did not make Better Minecraft, nor was I involved in any way. I just love playing this modpack. It really pushes the limits of how Minecraft could be if we wanted it to be better. Some people even jokingly call it “Minecraft 2”

Better Minecraft is a really amazing modpack which can easily produce amazing buildings and adventure. There is something in it for everyone, from extra blocks and craftables to dimensions and adventures.

What is your favourite part?

It’s incredibly difficult to pick one part of the modpack that stands out. I really like the extra buildings. They are all amazing. Reilly’s Mob Scarecrow mod is also one of my favourites. I highly recommend checking that out as well.

I recommend playing Better Minecraft yourself and seeing what you enjoy.

Got a question about Better Minecraft we haven’t covered? Comment on a video and we’ll try to add it!