Vault Hunters Minecraft

The definitive guide to the Vault Hunters Minecraft Modpack.


How to play vault hunters Minecraft?

For how to play I highly recommend checking out episode one of my lets play series above. If you want to know more, Iskall has an amazing series you can watch as well.

The basics are:

  • Beat the dragon
  • Get purpur blocks, a diamond block, and some obsidian for a vault altar
  • Make your vault altar and try some vaults!

I highly recommend getting decent armour before you head into a vault. Diamond as a minimum, with enchants. If you can Netherite armour would be better!

Don’t worry if you die in your first vault. It’s very common.

How to get vault hunters Minecraft?

The easiest way to get the modpack is via the Curseforge app. This download and updates your game. If you struggle to load the game, I recommend allocating more ram through curseforge, not the normal way for a Minecraft instance.

How to start vault hunters Minecraft?

In the beginning, treat it like a normal game of Minecraft. Gear up and go fight the dragon! After a while you should be able to get some purpur blocks and build your first Vault Altar!

Then you need to go mining at diamond level for Vault rocks, which you can use on the altar to make vault crystals to open vaults. More on this in episode 2!

What is it?

Vault Hunters Minecraft Modpack is a set of mods for Minecraft 1.16.5 that adds a RPG element to the game. You level up and gain special abilities, skills and access to more mods.

This happens naturally as you progress through the game.

How to install vault hunters Minecraft?

You can install Minecraft via curseforge, this is very easy to do and can be done via their app. For a full explanation check out the CurseForge website which explains how to do it.

How to download vault hunters Minecraft?

You can also download the modpack manually and install it yourself. I don’t recommend this as the best way to get Vault Hunters. However, if you would like to do it this way you can, again, via the CurseForge website.

How does vault hunters work Minecraft?

It works like any modpack works. However, with Vault Hunters you can get a lot more interaction. Not only does it have various mods to improve the way in which you can build. It also includes a levelling up element that lets you unlock special abilities.

How to play vault hunters in Minecraft 2022?

It is very easy to play in 2022. You can download via the links above or via the CurseForge app and get started right away! I run 16gb of dedicated ram, however, you could run less and still play the game successfully.

Most people run between 10-12gb of dedicated ram for modded minecraft.